Authority Documents

in Time Line:

      When the Assembly began to gather and develop the Documents in conjunction with all other states of the Republic these documents of origin where found and studied. These are the documents of history that stated what was necessary for us to rebut the presumption of authority the present de facto federal government has pressed upon We THE People unlawfully.

  • The Bible
  • Magna Carta Libertatum ~ 15 June 1215
  • Mayflower Compact ~11 November 1620
  • Connecticut Colony Fundamental Orders ~ 14 January 1638
  • Declaration of Independence ~ 4 July 1776
  • Constitution for the united states of America ~ 1778 - 1788
  • Articles of Confederation ~ 1 March 1781
  • Northwest Ordinance ~ 13 July 1787
  • Bill of Rights with original 14 Articles of amendment ~ 15 December 1791
  • Pan American Treaty ~ 10 October 1933
  • Bretton Woods Agreement=Act ~ 22 July 1944
  • A New Declaration of Independence ~ 21 October 2012
  • Contempt of Constitution ~

    This list of documents is available from internet searches and should be verified by an actual book search at a "repository library." We had cooperation from several states in gathering the verification of the documents, for example the original 13th amendment of the Bill of Rights has been found in several state archive=historical libraries and a certified copy obtained.

     These documents do not include the "Treaties" that have been put in place that are known and unknown. For example the people was never made aware of all the treaties made with the Vatican "Lateran Treaty" created in 1929. The Treaty of Paris which supposedly severed the American Continents from the United Kingdom and never did should be read.

     The first document is the Bible…

     The second document, the Magna Carta Libertatum is the basis for the American Citizen Grand Jury system in its lawfull form. The de jure Grand Jury or djGJ has been removed from the peoples’ knowledge by the legal industry and perverted for their use to deny the people justice.